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Baby fast is a child safe mobile app game in 2D that is good for 3 years and above that has a lot of fun and entertainment. A top performing android mobile app!
They can compete with the ranking position with our real time leader-board and as well as change their character costumes like boots, headbands, gloves and many other stuffs
that will help them in their game play to gain highest score as possible.


Nostalgic Experience

Baby Fast is a classic child safe mobile app game. You can get exciting experience of jumping & running . It combines the old school play and new arcade elements. This is the most challenging adventure! Take you back to your childhood!


Level Up

This mobile game helps in developing coordination and reflexes with the touch interface.

Keep in mind this is just a small little gift to players out there, we would love to hear from you, and look forward to applying the changes you request into the game.
this is a public service project, and as such, we will put as much time as we can on this.
just a little something to give back to the community.

mobile game - Free Android game
mobile game - Top Android game - free mobile app game


Classic 2D platform game play – run & jump in the super world.
100 challenging and addictive levels for adventuring – we are working hard to make more incredible levels!
3 great beautiful worlds in game aventure!  
Unlock different funny skins for Jake, the jumping jack, using your gems – adventurer Jake, pirate Jake, ninja Jake, leprechaun Jake and more!
More than 18 super tricky monsters to smash on the run!

We don’t try. We do it!

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mobile game - Top Android game - free mobile game