The 7 Best Online Sober Clubs

Recovery specific groups are those that gather for a particular purpose or activity in order to have clean fun together. Often there isn’t any structure to the groups in the sense of recovery-oriented dialogue or practices- in most cases these groups are just people trying to live normal lives but who all happen to be in recovery. Examples of recovery-oriented groups include the infamous 5th Chapter motorcycle club and Young People in Recovery. You might be put off by paying for the charge, believing that you should never have to purchase friendship, however, the charge will most likely be equal to, or lower than, the cost of drinking alcohol. To substitute this type of shallow camaraderie, it is better to think about other ventures where you can instantly be welcomed by the group, merely for making an appearance.

  • Group members often get together informally for lunches or other activities, and you can find sponsors or mentors there as well.
  • For others, you can remain in a sober-living environment after treatment is completed.
  • The company also offers a sober dating community for those who are single and looking to met someone.
  • LifeRing does not require you to follow a step-by-step program; instead, you design your own program, as only you know the best path forward and the changes you need to make.

For individuals in recovery, it is not enough to enter the holiday season without having any preparations in place for staying sober. In other words, it is vital for individuals to create a framework that identifies guidelines and expectations that they can use to protect their sobriety. The confidence that a strong recovery-oriented support network can provide is significant.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Rehab centers often offer couples and family counseling and are typically able to educate the people who surround individuals who have struggled with substance abuse. Apart from attending recovery meetings, you should also participate in other healthy social activities that do not involve drugs or alcohol. Your support network may comprise family members who support and encourage your continued abstinence from drugs or alcohol, addiction specialists, and possibly other people who have are also in recovery from substance abuse. The members of your support network are people who will remain committed to helping you remain focused on your recovery goals.

Friends and family members may offer help but a structured group or program can be more effective in providing a plan that can keep you on track toward your goal of recovery. It provides a safe space for sharing your experiences and challenges, Most people with alcohol and drug addiction survive while also offering a new network to connect with as you try to live a sober lifestyle. Many of the online groups here offer 24/7 access to an online community and resources and tools that can help motivate and guide you.

Get Sober. Stay Sober.

It may be beneficial to try engaging with multiple groups to find what works best for you. You may find virtual or online support groups suit you better than in-person ones, like Redditors in Recovery. When it comes to support systems specifically designed for those in recovery, there are several types and options to explore.

Best of all, most of these online sobriety groups require no membership fees. Which one you choose will ultimately depend on your personal needs and goals. If you’re a student, it’s likely that your school or university has special programs available for people who struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

How Long Can You Live in Sober Living Homes?

The thought of attending additional social commitments and family gatherings may bring about feelings of distress and overwhelm. However, individuals in recovery can benefit from realizing that they still deserve to feel holly and jolly this season, regardless of their decision to remain sober. By utilizing a healthy framework for staying sober, individuals can learn to enjoy the holidays while keeping their recovery as the highest priority in their life. In addiction recovery, a sober support network is a lifeline that can make the difference between relapse and lasting sobriety. At GateHouse Treatment, we are more than a therapy program; we are a community.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to invest time, effort, and energy into building a strong, positive, healthy social network even if it requires moving beyond your typical comfort zone. The duties and responsibilities of residents at sober living houses and halfway houses are very similar in nature. All house guests must do their part to keep the house clean and neat, including picking up after themselves. The sober living arrangement is so much more rewarding when all residents chip in and help each other. If you’re an addict or alcoholic in recovery and you don’t have a support network, it’s imperative that you take action now and get involved.

Your sober network may also include your counselors or coaches that specialize in recovery and sober allies in your family, friend group or workplace. It may make sense for some people to attend a 12-step or formal recovery program first and then transition to a support group. But many people who have been sober for years continue to attend AA meetings.

sober networking

Online addiction support groups are designed to help members successfully manage their recovery from alcohol abuse or substance use disorder. These “sober clubs” have been found to improve treatment engagement while also positively affecting alcohol or drug cravings and increasing participants’ beliefs that they can achieve their goals. How long you stay depends on the sober-living facility and your progress in recovery. Some sober-living facilities are only offered for as long as you are in the treatment program.

The more people an addict has in their networks, the more likely it is that new and useful information will be passed among the various members. And the more education and resources an addict has access to, the more likely it is that they will acquire the right combination of knowledge and tools not only to stay clean for life, but to help others do so as well. Look, stepping outside the bubble of alcohol addiction is not always easy.

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